SNIC Large Compute, Closed

Calls for LARGE allocations are issued bi-annually by SNIC. The allocation periods start July 1st and January 1st for a 6- or 12-month period. The next call is scheduled for the autumn of 2021.

For instructions regarding eligibility and how to apply please read How to apply for LARGE allocations.  

Results for the Large Compute Spring 2021 call:

The table below shows SNIC resources that are available in the call SNAC Large Compute, Spring 2021 (period 1 July 2021 -  31 June 2022). 

  • Spring 2021: the total number of core hours/month that are available for LARGE allocations during the Spring 2021 allocation round. 
  • Minimum: Represents the upper limit on MEDIUM allocations in core hours/month. An application for a LARGE allocation must include a request above this limit for at least one resource.
Resource Spring 2021 Minimum
Dardel 15 600 000 200 000
Kebnekaise Large Memory
3 500 000
450 000
 200 000
20 000
Tetralith 16 000 000 200 000

How to apply for LARGE allocations

Please begin by reading the general information on how to apply for allocations on SNIC resources, where information about e.g. eligibility and how to fill in the mandatory appendices below is provided.

Go to the application form

In addition to the application form, the application must include the following appendices that must be submitted electronically through the upload facility in the online proposal submission system.

1. CV of the PI - principal investigator (Maximum 2 pages.)

2. Publication list of the principal investigator

3. SNIC Project Description (Maximum 5 pages.)

4. Activity report (Maximum 8 pages.)

Large allocations are subject to scientific and technical evaluation.

Last modified: 2021-06-04