SNIC Compute Small

SMALL allocations are available via an annual round (1 January - 31 December). The round closes for new applications prior to the last allocation meeting of the year, and at the same time the corresponding round for the following year opens.
SMALL allocations can be requested at any time via SUPR.

This category targets individual researchers and research groups unfamiliar with HPC resources who would like to build experience and install applications. Also, existing SNIC projects that would like to get acquainted with other compute platforms can use this category. Projects with modest requirements wishing to take advantage of a professional computing environment are of course also welcome.

An application for a SMALL allocation has an upper limit of resources (e.g. core hours/month) that can be requested. The limit and the total amount of capacity available are presented in SUPR.

Proposals for nationally allocated resources shall be evaluated at least once a week. In conjunction with major holidays, the schedule may deviate.

The following SNIC resources are available for SMALL allocations:

Small allocations on LUMI are intended to be offered in a round akin to SNIC Small as soon as technically possible.

How to apply for SNIC Compute Small allocations

Please begin by reading the general information on how to apply for allocations on SNIC resources, where information about e.g. eligibility, how to fill in the mandatory Activity report, and acknowledging SNIC is provided.

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SMALL allocations are subject to technical evaluation.

Last modified: 2023-02-07