SNIC User Support

Centre Support

Please contact the centre directly if you have questions about getting access to or running on a resource at a centre. Contact information to each centre can be found here:

SNIC knowledge base
The SNIC knowledge base provides technical and support information regarding the SNIC infrastructure. This includes: 

  • documentation, information and tips-and-tricks regarding the most widely used computational tools and scientific applications on the SNIC resources
  • documentation related to the SNIC centres and SNIC resources
  • documentation regarding various SNIC projects and activities.

The SNIC knowledge base can be found at

SNIC Training

SNIC offers research communities training and education related to the use of SNIC resources. This includes organizing training events and providing online material and documentation. The SNIC partner centers provides training material regarding specific aspects of their installations and services.

Online documentation and training material is available through the SNIC knowledge base:

An overview of the training events organized or supported by SNIC is available at the training section of the SNIC knowledge base:

Training in the Nordic countries
An overview of training events in other Nordics countries (CSC, DeIC, UNINETT Sigma) is available via this link: