Swestore is Research Data Storage Infrastructure operated by SNIC.

The resources provided by Swestore are made available through open procedures such that the best Swedish research is supported and new research is facilitated. The purpose of Swestore allocations, granted by Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC), is to provide large scale data storage for “live” or “working” research data, also known as active research data.

Due to the VR funding, the free allocations on Swestore have some usage limitations.

  • Swestore is NOT supposed to be used for backups and such requests for allocation will be rejected. Please, check with your university (home institution/organisation) IT department about backup services, strategies and policies in place.
  • Swestore is NOT supposed to be used as archiving service, long-term storage or repository for “static” data. Once data is no longer in the process of change, and decision on which data should be retained shared and/or preserved has been taken, data should be moved toward appropriate data services. The higher education institutions are responsible for archiving and long-term preservation of research data produced by researchers employed by them;

Available Storage resources

Swestore / dCache (NSC, LUNARC, C3SE, HPC2N)

Swestore / iRODS

Instructions for Swestore allocations

  • Please read the general information how to apply for allocations on SNIC resources.
  • Please read the Swestore information in the SNIC knowledge base.
  • Applications for SMALL and MEDIUM allocations can be submitted at any time. Applications for LARGE allocations will be possible at a later date. Paid subscriptions for arbitrary large allocations are being investigated. 
  • Applications for SMALL allocations can be submitted by an employee at a Swedish university or university college (e.g., PhD student or higher).
  • Applications for MEDIUM allocations can be submitted by a senior scientist in Swedish academia, at least at the level of assistant professor (forskarassistent).
  • Applications are evaluated by the SNIC Storage and Service Coordinators. The evaluation process will normally finish in two weeks.

      Click here to go to the SMALL application form

      Click here to go to the MEDIUM application form

Note: An activity report can be requested from the PI of the MEDIUM allocation after the project allocation has ended.

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