UPPMAX, Uppsala University

The Rackham cluster was made available 2017-04-24. In April the following year it was extended to the current configuration:

  • Rackham comprises 9720 cores in the form of 486 nodes with two 10-core Intel Xeon V4 CPU's each. In addition to the 452 standard nodes with 128GB memory each, there are "fat" nodes, 4 with 1TB memory and 32 with 256GB memory.
  • Rackham's storage system, Crex, has a DDN Lustre file system and provides 6.6PB of storage of which 4.5 is available for SNIC projects. SNIC has financed an extension to provide a better balance between CPU and storage.
  • The interconnect is Infiniband FDR which supports a theoretical bandwidth of 56Gb/s and a latency of 0.7 microseconds.

Rackham has been decided to be kept in production through 2024-12-31.

System status.

For more information regarding UPPMAX, including locally available resources, visit the UPPMAX web pages at http://www.uppmax.uu.se/

Last modified: 2021-12-06