HPC2N, Umeå University

Abisko is an HPC Linux cluster with a peak performance of over 150 Tflops/s.

The cluster has 332 nodes, each node with 4 AMD Opteron 6238 (Interlagos) 12-core 2.6 GHz processors (total 15264 cores). There are 10 'fat' nodes with 512 GB RAM each, as well as 322 'thin' nodes with 128 GB RAM each. The system is equipped with a high bandwidth, low latency QDR InfiniBand interconnect, with full bisectional bandwidth. 

Mass storage

The computing facilities at HPC2N include hardware and software suitable for mass storage and retrieval. More information concerning available options for mass storage can be obtained directly from HPC2N.

For more information regarding HPC2N, including locally available resources, visit the HPC2N web pages at http://www.hpc2n.umu.se.