Instructions for Swestore allocations

  • Please read the general information how to apply for allocations on SNIC resources.
  • Please read the Swestore information in the SNIC knowledge base.
  • Applications for SMALL and MEDIUM allocations can be submitted at any time. Applications for LARGE allocations will be possible at a later date. Paid subscriptions for arbitrary large allocations are being investigated. 
  • Applications for SMALL allocations can be submitted by an employee at a Swedish university or university college (e.g., PhD student or higher).
  • Applications for MEDIUM allocations can be submitted by a senior scientist in Swedish academia, at least at the level of assistant professor (forskarassistent).
  • Applications are evaluated by the SNIC Storage and Service Coordinators. The evaluation process will normally finish in two weeks.

      Apply for SMALL allocation

      Apply for MEDIUM allocation

Note: An activity report can be requested from the PI of the MEDIUM allocation after the project allocation has ended.

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