SNIC International collaborations

SNIC participates in several international initiatives and collaborations in the field of High Performance Computing, distributed computing and data infrastructure.


EGI - European Grid Infrastructure

On behalf of Vetenskapsrådet, SNIC is the Swedish partner in the collaboration.

SNIC is partner in EC-funded project EGI-Engage.  The contributions from SNIC are in the Competence Centres (CC) for BBMRI and EISCAT-3D.

Read more about EGI and EGI-Engage at

EUDAT2020 is a European project funded in the H2020 programme. The project started March 2015 with a duration of three years. The project has 33 partners and a total budget of nearly 20 million Euro. Third Party for SNIC in EUDAT2020 is KTH.

Home page for EUDAT.

The PRACE infrastructure is open to European researchers. Scientists and researchers from around the world can apply for access to PRACE resources.

On behalf of Vetenskapsrådet, SNIC is the Swedish partner in this collaboration.

For more information about getting access to PRACE resources, click here.

Visit the PRACE website for further information:

Worldwide LHC Computing Grid
SNIC implements the Swedish contribution to the Nordic Tier-1 (NDGF) and the Swedish Tier-2 for ATLAS

NeIC - Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration

NeIC Home page

ePIC Consortium